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You want to give your users, employees, or subscribers what they want. But not every suggestion they have is actionable (or even plausible). Roadvote collects the ideas & practical information you need to ensure you're bringing the best ideas to life.






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Stop skimming the comments, support tickets, or the interwebz to find your next great idea

Let ideas come directly to you, complete with details on why its wanted, how impactful it will be, and how much work it may be for you.

vote with ease

Add an idea collection page to your site with two lines of code

Your users don't have to nav away from your site or create an account to submit an idea or vote

collect complete ideas

Not all ideas are created equal

Collect optional information from users to help you learn more about their ideas potential impact and size

prioritize & evaluate

Auto-prioritize the best ideas

Using aggregated data from all votes, you'll see which ideas offer you the most bang for your buck (or time)


Everything you need to start collecting ideas

  • voting

    Simple collection & voting

    Internal and external users can submit ideas and requests, then vote on their favorites

  • self prioritization


    New ideas and votes are assigned priority scores based on votes, impact, and effort

  • hidden

    Semi-public roadmaps

    Keep your industry-changing features and embarassing bugs secret

  • comments

    Visibility defaults

    Choose whether items show up or are hidden upon submission. JIC you don't want your competition seeing everything.

  • pricing

    Email Notifications

    When you release something, you can choose to send voters an email that it's out (or not, your call)

  • widget

    Use Case Collection

    Submitting a request should be easy require some thought. We ask users some additional clarifying questions before they can submit.

  • comments


    No cesspool of what a comments section can all too commonly turn into

  • pricing

    Predictable pricing

    If you have a sudden influx of users submitting ideas, your price won't go up

  • widget

    Embeddable widget

    An unbranded embeddable widget keeps your users on your site

Work on bringing great ideas to life - not collecting them

You can stop worrying about what to create next. Have the ideas come to you while you're doing what you do best — making epic things.

With roadvote

Without roadvote

Build cool things that people want Dig for ideas in comments and tickets
Avoid administrivia Guess what would be best to work on
Set it and forget it until it's time to create Moderate off-topic comments
Notify people when it's live Never get around to following up

Your robot idea collector is ready to work for you

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Roadvote is free to use until you get 30 votes. After that, invite new users for additional credits of subscribe for $36/month.

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